2023 Banner 2 Middle Income + Decarb Virtual Session

California’s housing ecosystem is full of both daunting challenges and inspiring aspirations.

Our state’s lack, and under production, of middle income housing (defined as 80 - 120 percent of area median income) is one of our great challenges. California’s commitment to decarbonization is one of our most important aspirations.

Tackling Trade-Offs: Middle Income Housing & Decarbonization will explore these two truths and how to reach goals on both rather than sacrifice one for the other.

Through expert presentations, practitioner stories, and the interactive participation of attendees, this virtual event will address decarbonization and middle income affordability of both existing and newly built homes.

Specific questions that will be explored include:  

  • How can we continue to push the envelope on decarbonization while not pricing middle and lower-income families out of housing? 
  • How can we build more middle income housing that does not undercut our actions towards a viable climate? 
  • How are we thinking holistically about the middle income housing issue and its nexus with decarbonization?
  • How are state and federal resources helping (or not) on this path?
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